Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Slayne... The Book Cover!

I did this bookcover when I was a wee commercial arts student way back in 1995. Here it is and what I did to update it. We learned basic paste up, rubylith, color separations etc.

I just wanted to keep it real. And in keeping it real, meant I would attempt to jam as many characters as possible into one scene. I love busy compositions and getting the viewers eyes to run all over the piece. This was my adorable attempt:

So, I wanted to resurrect it. I made a handful of thumbnails to get down some initial ideas.

My professor made the suggestion to change the angle to make the scene more dramatic, (as seen in ink thumbnail on the lower right. He was right on. so I made the scene in the upper left angled:

and after colors, which I think still needs tweaking....

with distress:

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